High-ticket Coaches & course creators...

Stop wasting your time, trying to convert the little-3% of your audience, and get ready to skyrocket your "ROI" from the rest of the 97%, who're NOT in "buying mode"...

Before even stepping into paid Ads

Before jumping into the "how"
let's figure out the "why" first...

WHY is your audience not converting into loyal customers...the way you may have expected them to?

If you’re a coach, consultant, or influencer with a decent-sized audience (25-50k+)The likelihood of you not being able to monetize most of your audience might be higher.Because in today's attention-driven economy, even though people might like you,Their attention spans have gotten shorter than a microwave's minute, and skepticism is higher than ever.Maybe you’re posting content every day,Maybe you’ve grown a big enough list to leverage email marketing,Or you might even be running ads to drive more traffic to your top of funnel.And...there is nothing wrong with that.Volume for sure IS the king.But......what’s the meaning of organizing a buffet with tasteless dishes?You see,It doesn’t matter how much content you post or the number of emails you send out daily.Sure, these growth channels are crucial for monetizing your growing audience.But if your audience's brain is not habitual to getting rewarded with your content,Why would they bother even consuming it?Meaning, if they don’t find value in your content,they might start losing interest in your content and trust soon after…And no,Providing value doesn’t just mean educating them with your expertise.If that were the "ultimate marketing formula", everyone would be in love with schools by now.It’s rather a strategic way of nurturing cold prospects that combines tangible education ("VaLue"), social proof, and selling at the RIGHT time.Because if you're engaging them with your education,You have to retain that attention longer enough to build a strong foundation of the know, like, and trust factor.So that when you drop your BOMB of an offer to help them grow further towards their dream outcome, but on steroidsThey won’t be hesitant to type in their credit card info or book a call.So, this leads to the question,How does this “said short, done long” method actually work?


This is where we come in...

Offer Optimization

You might earn your audience's trust. But if your offer is not compelling enough, they'd still hesitate to buy. Because of "outcome uncertainty".We would dig deeper into your avatar's pain points, fears, desires, and dream state to help you optimize your current offer into an irresistible one, that'd keep them up at night.

Funnel Finessing

As smooth as it sounds, the more complex crafting a magnetic sales AND marketing funnel can be.From creating a whirlpool for leads at the top of funnel, to converting them into loyal customers at the bottom, we will write all the copy and efficiently set up the funnels on the backend.

killer email sequences and flows

Your funnel usually converts only 3% of people who are in buying mode. The rest of the cold audience is nurtured, educated, and converted through emails.We will strategize campaigns & write persuasive emails that'll deeply resonate with your audience, give them value, & sell at the RIGHT time.

Weekly content strategy

Before getting into ads, organic content is the main way to maximize the amount of eyeballs on your offer.Everything from content ideation to scripting and algorithm-optimization, we will optimize your weekly content strategies to get as many people to opt-in to your top of the funnel.

Testing for the BEST Winner

In a world where most people have an attention span of a goldfish, 1 winning angle isn't capable of hooking them in, every single time.We will constantly A/B split certain copy elements such as pain points, desires, roadblocks, etc to strive for a bigger winner and maximize conversions.

Maximizing the backend

All these high-converting elements are temporary fixes, if the backend automations are not optimized.We will optimize all the email automations & manage your list to ensure that every prospect goes to the perfect next step, according to their action. Leading to skyrocket open rates and CTRs.

"Who's behind the 'we'?"


I'm sahil

Great to meet ya!I'm the founder of Compell Media, a Brand/Direct-response marketer & your next scaling bud ;)Not a big fan of 9-5s, and who even is?
I mean, that's why you started your biz, right?
However, my love for sales and marketing is exceptional.I've spent months on end honing the art of converting colder audiences into loyal customers.And now, I help coaches & course creators like you, to do the same.

Why Us?

We're Early

Money loves speed.
And we highly respect time. However, even the fastest Lambo is useless with weaker fuel quality.
Therefore, we'll always make sure to Early deliver & over-deliver WITH Gold.

We're Original

At its core, every info-biz has different offers & values. So your competitor's marketing strategy, may not work for you.But with Compell Media, you'll receive an Original strategy, that's Catered to your biz.


If you're already giving your 100%, we'll give our 250. And if you're still not happy with the results...
well, us neither.
We'll return every penny or work for free, until we overdeliver on your expectations.

So, if you're ready to win and monetize your audiences' trust

Then GET a free audit and a 7-day free trial

Choose a convenient time and book a free strategy session, where I'll tweak out some major "strengths" & "weaknesses" of your current copy, and how it can be improved.That's not all...At Compell Media, we abide by the rule of building Trust first.So if you're wondering if this could be a good fit or not, we do have a 7-day no-strings-attached trial.(Quick side note: we do provide one-time deliverables, but the free trial doesn't apply to that. For obvious reasons.)So If we find ourselves to be a good fit, we can proceed to crush your niche together.If not,No hard feelings :)